Electrical tape and zip ties.
Don't you hate the stupid sidestand safety
switch installed on your bike?  Sure, it's a
nice feature if you're a bumbling fool and
have plenty of time to sit around on your
bike while it warms up.  I'm not and I don't,
so I installed
Evoluzione's bypass harness.  
This install couldn't be any simpler.
Start by clearing a work area and laying
down a towel on the left side of the bike (if
you don't have a rear stand).
Then remove the fairing (obviously :)....
... and trace the wires from the sidestand, under the engine, and
up to where it goes into a weatherpack connector.  This is where
the harness will go.
Gently unplug the connector, then plug in the Evoluzione
harness between the two.  It can only go one way so you can't
get it backwards.
Then go to the back of the engine.  This wire going into the
neutral switch is where the other half of the harness goes.
Unplug it, then plug your Evoluzione bullet connector into it.  After that, the old neutral wire
plugs into the other male bullet connector from the Evoluzione wiring.  Again, there is only one
way it will work, so you can't screw it up.
Then neatly route the wiring so it looks stock.  There's quite a bit
left over so you'll need to wrap it up a bit and hide it out of the way.
And finally, since the 998 has no hugger fender and all kinds of crap
gets all over the back of the engine, I decided to electrical tape the
exposed connections, then zip tie the end so it wouldn't unravel.
And you're done.  Total install time about 10 minutes.  Very easy and it works great.
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