Reasons To Start A Podcast On Your Blog

The podcasting scene is gradually becoming a force to reckon with and bloggers can enjoy a piece of the action in several ways. However, many bloggers are yet to understand the power of audio podcasting and how impactful it can be for their audience. This article gives a few reasons to start a podcast on your blog if you haven’t already joined the train.

It’s Cost-Effective 

Contrary to what many people think, podcasting today isn’t as capital intensive as other fields. A huge part of the money will go into purchasing different types of equipment like internet devices, microphones, headsets, pop filters, and laptops for after effects, depending on your niche.

However, many of these pieces of equipment have become easily accessible and cheaper due to competition. Some podcasters admit it’ll cost them about 50 percent less starting today than what it cost them 10 years ago when the industry was burgeoning. 

Also, as a blogger, several ways exist to make money from podcasting. First, you can earn money from advertisers if your traffic volumes are high enough. You can also add another line to your rate card, extending the package you give to affiliate sponsors. They’ll pay you more if you feature their ads in your podcast after name-dropping them in your blog posts.

It Adds A Personal Touch 

Credibility is crucial in attracting new visitors and retaining your existing readers. When customers search for an item online, familiarity with the bloggers can convince them to choose some over others. 

Many bloggers focus on building a social media presence to maintain a personal connection with audiences. Podcasting takes this personal connection to another level. Fans listen to their favorite artists for a while and develop some affection for them. This affection convicts them to attend shows, buy their merch, and stick with them through thick and thin. 

The same can apply if you invest in your blog’s podcasting journey. Readers transition listeners, share your thoughts, appreciate your content, and become loyal to your brand. You can leverage this connection in several ways for your blog’s growth.

You Can Repurpose Already Published Content 

Blogging in today’s digital world comes with several publishing limitations. Modern readers have a short attention span. You’ll have to compromise writing long think pieces for clear and precise blog posts to sustain reading interests

The blogging space also frowns on duplicating content as search engine algorithms can rate your blog with a low-rank score, making it difficult to earn to generate traffic. All this ends when you start podcasting on your blog. Audio gives you more opportunities to practice long-form writing. Readers might get bored reading a 2,500-word article, not a 12 to 15-minute long podcast. 

Podcasting as a blogger can also give you an added advantage over content creation since you may already have a ton of posts published on your blog. Let’s face it; posts often get lost in the wind after a few reads. Repurposing your old content gives you more room to bring back exciting conversations through podcasting. Unlike text format content, your audience can listen to podcasts when driving or working out.

All in all, podcasting seems to be what’s in vogue. In 2020, a hundred million people listened to at least one podcast each month. Experts predict 25 million more people by the end of 2022, making now the best time to begin your podcasting journey. 

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