ITIL® certification: The Boost You May Need

With IT being one of the most lucrative industries in the 21st century it is no surprise that skilled and certified IT professionals are in high demand, while we’re sure you already possess the skills, it might get a bit tricky when it comes to the certification. With hundreds of certifications and industry standards, it might get a bit tricky at times to choose a certification.

We bring you a brief overview of the much-valued ITIL® certification to let you decide if it suits you.

What is ITIL®?

ITIL® stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The increasing popularity of IT along with multiple companies becoming dependent on it led to the development of ITIL®  by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency in Norwich for the British government back in the 1980s. Even though much of the fundamental practices and paths still remain the same, the ITIL® framework as a whole has developed a lot over the years incorporating and adapting to new industry standards. ITIL® 4 is the most recent iteration released in February 2019 and is widely used.


ITIL® 4 is the most recent iteration of the ITIL® framework designed to provide a systematic set of processes to deal with any problem that may arise in an IT-dependent firm. Like most of its contemporaries, ITIL® 4 focuses on maximizing the value for the end-user or client by ensuring smooth cooperation between different stakeholders in an organization. Unlike its predecessor, ITIL® 4 focuses on delivering tailor-made solutions instead of following the traditional to-the-book approach leading to a complex web of practical solutions.

With the advent of the ITIL® 4 framework, ITIL® certification can help an individual earn upwards of $90,000 annually. With demands spread across multiple industries including healthcare, aerospace, entertainment, banking, etc.

Impact on career

As many as 45 percent of companies globally implement ITIL® for their Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), making ITIL® certification one of the most in-demand certifications for IT. Not to mention ITIL® has an adoption rate of 70 percent among newer establishments, the rapid growth in IT seems promising and does not show any signs of stopping. In fact, Forbes Insight considers ITIL® as the most popular ITSM framework currently available.

It must be evident by now that ITIL® certification can open a lot of gates for someone looking for a profession in IT. With the advent of technology more and more industries are getting dependent on IT to ensure smooth delivery and client satisfaction as a result the demand for ITIL® certified professionals will only grow in the future making this course a good investment of both time and money, given the individual is looking for a career in IT.


Unlike any other certification, ITIL® has its fair share of pros and cons with the pros outweighing the cons by a substantial margin. Industry trends don’t die easily especially the ones that have stood the test of time like ITIL®.Is the ITIL® certification for you? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

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