5 important factors when choosing gaming headsets

While no youngster you are always eager to learn and educate yourself taking new things on board. Sat watching a local football game, there were 2 young men in front of you wearing shirts proclaiming that they belonged to a team that plays eFootball. 

As an inquisitive type, you decide to do some research when you get home. It turns out that teams play each other in a simulated football game and it’s getting very big. Well, as someone who has struggled to advance past Tetris, you decide you are going to give it a go. You are then left with the conundrum of which gaming headset to buy.

Here were 5 important factors to assist you before you make your purchase.

1. Do you want a wired or wireless headset? Wireless sets are more expensive but have the advantage of eliminating static, crackle, and feedback. They can however, cut out at vital moments if you have forgotten to charge them. A wireless set also has pros and cons, with wires sometimes getting in the way, and causing discomfort depending on where or how you sit owing to the length of the lead. They can snag on furniture or clothing, something that annoys you, with wired earphones when listening to music on the go. But on the plus side wired headsets offer a slightly better sound. The right set for you will enhance your enjoyment of your favourite sport with live streaming.

2. Do you want Bluetooth if you choose wireless? Ensure if you do that the headsets are compatible, otherwise they will require a dongle through your PC and won’t be able to connect to phones or other devices from which you play the game without a USB port.

3. Choose the right sound system for you. The quality of sound varies depending on how much you spend on your headset and whether it is wired or wireless. Some suit personal preferences more than others. If in doubt speak to the experts and read product reviews. 

4. Make sure that your experience is comfortable. Some headsets simply do not feel right. There is nothing worse than irritation to the ears when you are trying to concentrate and have fun. It may need you to physically try out some of the headsets for a while in a shop and try to imitate what you will be doing when gaming. When you have finished playing you want to be fully relaxed so you can head off to watch a live event rather than an electronic version.

5. Do you require a microphone? This feature may be essential in your gaming experience so should be considered. Depending on its importance it is a good idea to take into account the quality you require.

Much of the selection of a gaming headset depends upon personal choice and preferences. However, it is always a good idea to speak to fellow gamers and experts for advice, which offers you a better chance of making the right selection.

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