The Relationship between Casino Players’ Self-Esteem and Motivation

Studies have shown that self-esteem affects gambling motivation in different ways. Self-esteem makes people place certain values upon themselves. It determines the way an individual perceives themselves and, thus, the actions they take. A gambler can have negative or positive self-esteem. When it is negative, they put a low value on themselves. When it is positive, they consider themselves valuable and thus take actions that they believe will improve that value. There is a direct link between self-esteem and gambling motivation. 

Online casino gambling is affected by self-esteem

Playing at a casino online is one of the most convenient ways to gamble. Players have access to a variety of games that they can play alone or with friends. They access a variety of table games, video slots, live dealers, and many other impressive games. People gamble for different reasons, but self-esteem plays a key role in their decisions. Gamblers with high self-esteem are likely to place large bets and think about the impact of their decision later. Players with balanced self-esteem are likely to make a well-informed decision and create a gambling budget and time. 

Low self-esteem versus high self-esteem and motivation

A psychosocial study published in May 2020 reveals that people with low self-esteem have a higher risk of developing impulsive gambling behavior. The main reason provided for this observation is that such people tend to gamble more as an escape remedy. They seek to cover their feeling about themselves and thus spend many hours gambling. This is different from people with high self-esteem. Such people tend to gamble less but might forget to create a gambling budget. When they decide to engage in online sports betting, they tend to place large bets because their self-confidence tells them they will win big. 

Self-esteem and betting motivation

Gambling motivation is classified into five segments: escape, basic, achievement, socialization, and enjoyment motives. When people are seeking to boost their motivation level, they tend to be induced by the basic and escape segments. People who feel great about themselves tend to focus on enjoyment, achievement, and socialization gambling. A report published by AKJournals reveals that people with low self-esteem record greater gambling success. 

This is because they bet in small amounts over a longer time. Due to this, they increase their chances of winning and learn tricks in the process. On the other hand, gamblers with high esteem recorded lesser success and poor budgeting. This is because they tend to rush when making gambling decisions and often place large bets. Due to this, they have lesser chances of winning. They take longer to learn the tricks, and when they lose, they lose a big chunk. 

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