The key elements you need to learn about LIC Merchant Portal

LIC Merchants or agents serve in the form of professionals who are registered, licensed, and experienced. Also, rest assured that they are completely trustworthy individuals making your experience with the Corporation hassle-free. Check LIC Policy Status without Registration when you’re going on. The Life insurance corporation of India allows a policy-holder to go with checking the policy status without registration. It will be possible through the SMS method.

More information you need to know

First, visit the official LIC branch. With that, there is a need to take into consideration the job opening available there to become a LIC agent. The people turn out to be part of a very prestigious banking organization when selected as a LIC agents. To login into the LIC merchant portal, visit the official website. Enter the username and password to log in. The LIC merchant earns the salary according to the policies that they have to sell.

Updating LIC Merchant Email ID to get OTP

When you have recently created your account, you will want to log in, but there may be a chance that you are not receiving your OTP email address. Follow the steps below to update your LIC merchant account email ID for getting the OTP.

  • Open the LIC Merchant login page. Below the login options, click on the “Update Email Id to get OTP” option.
  • On the Update, Email Id page, enter your user id, password, and the email to update.
  • Click on the update button to receive an OTP on the registered mobile number to update your Email Id to get OTP.

LIC Agent Portal is highly beneficial for the user. LIC is a huge organization that has been connected with citizens all across India. They are tied with the organization to stay updated with the LIC policies. There is a set of individuals responsible for directly interacting with the policyholders to sell them new policies. Also, the role that they play in the collection of the premiums on their policies is what makes them respectful.

Is the LIC Login process distinct for Agent and customer?

As a LIC agent or merchant, you will need to use to log in simply by entering your username and password.

What is the place to lodge LIC Merchant complaints?

LIC merchants can have issues and complaints to bring up to the management. To get your issues and complaints resolved, there is a need for the merchants to head over to the complaints portal from their homes. After that, there is a need to address their issue directly. That is where they are needed to enter their name, username, email, merchant id, password, and the complaint description.

Final words

The policyholder needs to send an SMS to 56767877. LIC shall publish the status in the sent message. Check LIC policy status, and for that, there is a need for using the policy number. The LIC Policy-holder needs to use the policy number for checking the policy status. Forgoing the process, the customer must send an SMS.

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