5 Reasons What Makes Hublot Worth Your Money

A general trend in the global watch industry is that the old-time watch companies tend to make more expensive luxury watches. That’s why you hear of their vintage collections being sold for huge prices, sometimes even reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars (or in exceptional cases, even soaring to millions). Hublot is a newcomer since it came to the market only in 1980, but the brand has successfully positioned itself as a luxury company. If you are curious about this company, here are some reasons why Hublot is worth every penny!

The Big Difference

A Hublot watch can become quite expensive even upon being introduced to the market for the first time because the materials are already costly. One example of this is the Unico King Gold men’s watch. This model retails at 24,000 USD because Hublot made it with the King Gold material. The reasoning was that the King Gold would make the metal parts look warmer than the traditional 5N 18K gold material. Hublot also used the King Gold because it would have a more elegant satin finish. King Gold is a patented mixture of gold and platinum – both materials cost a hefty bunch even during the manufacturing stage. And yet, this is not the most expensive Hublot watch, actually.

A much more expensive watch model that commands a whopping 544,000 USD price tag is the MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire. The reason this watch is so expensive is that it is literally made from the gemstone dubbed sapphire. Wikipedia says that a sapphire can be quite hard, which means it can withstand blows from hard objects without getting scratched. There are only two gemstones that are harder than sapphire, namely moissanite and diamond. Thus, sapphire means the manufacturing process had to be more exacting to create a beautiful watch out of it.

There are two other watchmaking materials that Hublot owns patents to. There is the Magic Gold which is scratchproof despite being made of 18k gold. This is remarkable because real gold is supposed to be malleable. The other patented alloy that the brand owns is the Hublonium which is made of aluminum and magnesium. The Magic Gold and Hublonium were developed for the “Art of Fusion” theme of Hublot watch making processes. Since the company invests so much time and effort into research and development, that also explains why Hublot watches tend to be so costly in the market.

It’s All in the Movement

There is another reason that Hublot watches command a high price in the market: it’s the movement. You should try to read up about the MP watch collection, which boasts of a 50-day power reserve in each watch. This is quite an accomplishment by Hublot watchmakers because the previous standard for movement excellence was the 10-day power reserve. Yes, the prices for MP watches are steep too – the previously mentioned model called the MP-05 is tagged at 333,000 USD. Not surprisingly, that may be why the affectionate nickname for this powerhouse of a watch is “LaFerrari”.

Limited Edition Collections Are Highly Valued in the Market

Yes, you read that right – Hublot may be a young brand, but it already has its Limited Edition collections. As their name implies, each Limited Edition batch only has a certain number of watches to offer to the public. Each batch has a particular theme to it, so that watch fans around the world will find it appealing to acquire the watches. 

For example, to honor the late great Kobe Bryant of the champion basketball team LA Lakers, Hublot came up with the Kobe Mamba Collection of men’s watches. No, these limited edition watches are not cheap either – each one will run you 99,000 USD. Since Kobe Bryant has passed on, you can expect the resale value for this highly valued Limited Edition model to go up significantly as time passes.

The More Affordable Hublot Options

But don’t think that you have to be a billionaire to afford a Hublot of your own. Actually, there are Hublot watches that are more at the level of ordinary working-class folk. For example, you can buy a Classic Fusion for just $4,200, making some readers breathe a little easier. The great part about acquiring a more affordable kind of Hublot watch is that you literally have so many choices in this price range that you may find it hard to make up your mind.

A Big Bang watch can be priced somewhere between 9,000 to 13,000 USD. A watch from the Spirit of Big Bang collection may retail for around 22,000 USD. Though these are still quite steep prices, they are more affordable than the previously mentioned collections. The designs are also quite unique and attractive so if you are aiming to sport a Hublot on your wrist you can find many options that may appeal to you.

Other Reasons to Buy a Hublot Watch

Though you may have thought all the bases were covered in the previous paragraphs, there are actually more reasons to acquire a Hublot watch. For one thing, the brand is not all about men’s watches. Some of the affordable watches from the brand are actually ladies’ watches so you don’t have to roam far and wide just to buy one for a lady friend. And of course, some ladies might actually prefer to wear the men’s watches – which is alright of course if that’s what they like.

You can also choose between manual and automatic watches when shopping through the Hublot collections. The manual watches tend to be on the pricey side, so you might want to cast your eye over automatic watches too just to see which ones are also nice looking.

In Conclusion

Some people like to wear luxury watches to announce that “we have arrived”. Others might like luxury watches to remember their favorite celebrities. Yet some like luxury watches as their way of investing their hard-earned money – this means you can cash in on your purchase when the resale value is quite significant already. Whichever of these applies to you, you probably have a Hublot watch in your future if you have the money to spend on it already.

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