A Must-Have: The Girard Perregaux Collection

Manufacturing Girard-Perregaux entails a variety of operations carried out by artisans with technical expertise. The constantly beating movements at the core of each Girard-Perregaux are brought to life by their artisans. From its legendary bridges with tiny wheels to horological masterpieces, they shape and organize hundreds of important parts.

The dial is the watch’s face, and it was created to swear allegiance to the movements that power it. The decorative pathways used include sandblasting, Guilloche, polishing, and engraving, to name a few. Each dial adheres to the perceptual codes that distinguish a Girard-Perregaux timepiece.

Ultimately, by removing all remnants of machining from the surfaces, beveling presents a dynamic finish. All parts are evened and refined based on a centuries-old heritage, including the strongest bridge, the smallest pinion, and the smallest wheel. The delicacy and intricacy of this finish are most apparent in our skeleton models, where previously hidden complications are revealed.

Commitment to Inner Beauty

A Girard Perregaux watch is as much about the inside as it is about the outside, as per the company. As a result, each of its elements is passed through the hands of artisans who value the case’s excellence as much as the greatness of a screw or a spring. From design to construction, each item of Haute Horlogerie is the work of a skilled craftsman. Its d├ęcor, installation, and modification are all done by hand, using methods that have been mastered for over two centuries. Even if they are inside the case, long months on the workbench are required to complete these abilities of Haute Horlogerie.

Bridges Collection

Girard-Perregaux has been endeavoring in turning watchmaking on its head to uncover the craftsmanship of revolutionary manufacturing since its inception. Here are some of the most beautiful timepieces from this collection.

La Esmeralda Tourbillon

Constant Girard has been operating on the Tourbillon’s framework and the shape of its elements since 1860. A turning point in the heritage of Haute Horlogerie, establishing the mechanism of a watch as a separate design element from its fundamental feature for the first time. The Jury of the Universal Exhibition of Paris granted Girard-Perregaux a gold medal in 1889 for La Esmeralda, a piece of art that has since become a legend for all watch brands. The La Esmeralda Tourbillon price is around $231,446.

Quasar Light Tourbillon With Three Bridges

One of Girard-greatest Perregaux’s successes is exposing the creative aspect of design and engineering. Due to its extreme accountability, the Quasar Light Tourbillon with Three Bridges, whose title refers to the most fantastic and brilliant of astronomical entities, commemorates this legacy. In a special run of only 18 pieces, it provides a remarkable perspective of the Manufacture’s most indicative movement in its sapphire case.

The openwork arrow shape of Girard-Neo Perregaux’s bridges is prompted by the impressive architecture of the world’s largest cities. The sapphire bridges reveal even the tiniest details of the framework. When light disperses through the watch’s ruthenium barrel and movement, it stands tall like a star. Ruthenium is a rare metal whose production is extremely limited and originally belonged to the platinum group. It was chosen for its close resemblance to diamond splendor. The Quasar Light Tourbillon With Three Bridges price starts at $322,060.

Classic Bridges 45 mm

The Manufacture has penned the incredible thing about these technical elements that have become an important component of the aesthetics that categorize its vintage pieces since the discovery of the emblematic Tourbillon under three golden bridges. The Bridges collection has been enhanced with two references. One with quintessential inflections that commemorate the fusion of design and mechanics, one year after the release of the Neo Bridges model, which offers a modern interpretation of the renowned golden bridges.

They are only two in number, but their arrow-shaped silhouette belies their honorable beginnings. These gold bridges, which stand out prevalently on the dials of the two new Classic Bridges, form a systematic and emblematic link between ages. These new pieces of art are flawlessly connected in the present with the option of a partially open dial to effectively expose the secrets of dynamics. The Classic Bridges 45 mm price is $41,594.

Neo Bridges

A bold design that redefines and morphs a traditional watchmaking symbol into a fascinating high-tech frame. The Neo Bridges stays true to Girard-Perregaux’s DNA. The movement is not only a technical component of the watch but also an essential component of the design that makes the Neo Bridges easily identifiable. The Neo Bridges price is around $27,511.

Free Bridge

The Free Bridge and its companion model, the Free Bridge Infinity Edition, are distinguished by a distinctive arrow-shaped Neo bridge that stretches the foundation of the dial. Furthermore, whose shape elicits the configuration of the bridge in the shape of a symbolic arrow of the manufacturer, while rewriting the recurring frameworks of modern architecture. The Free Bridge price starts at around $ 19,105.

The well-known Maison GP01800 caliber has been redefined by the master watchmakers of La Chaux-de-Fonds by infusing it with a significant dose of cutting-edge technology. Girard-Perregaux used silicon to create the balance parts and escapement. Despite its many benefits, silicon is still used by only a few brand companies. It is not corroded, it is not affected by temperature changes, it is light, and it is not affected by magnetic fields. These characteristics provide numerous benefits to users. While some parts made of traditional materials may deviate depending on temperature, silicon elements are unperturbed by temperature and enable consistent time measurement.

Transmitting Expertise

Girard Perregaux places a premium on determining the value of your wristwatch. The GP Training Center’s mission is to transfer its expertise to the watchmakers in its service centers. During an interference, it is critical to adhere to their quality standards. Girard Perregaux authorized watchmakers to participate in rigorous coursework with their professional watchmakers regularly, enabling them to progress to the most difficult levels of influence over time.

Final Thoughts

Bridges’ collection discloses the art of precision engineering Girard-Perregaux possesses. Girard-Perregaux is a prestigious watchmaker that ranks alongside Patek Phillipe and Audemars Piguet. They’ve been around for centuries and produce high-end timepieces. Aside from its high-quality items, having a watch from this brand is a great choice because it comes with a 5-year warranty.

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