Couple Gets Engaged In Front Of Bald River Falls And Pictures Are Out Of The World

For love, people are ready to take any risk and when the couple equally makes effort the result is above mind blogging.
Similarly, this couple named Josh Morris and Morgan Daye from Tennessee had imagined the perfect engagement photo shoot that is romantic but equally scary. They chose to get captured in front of Bald River Falls.
Here what they had in their head about their engagement plans, “Josh and Morgan wanted to shoot in the mountains and around the falls from the beginning,” photographer Kellie Elmore told Bored Panda. “It’s a beautiful area and reflects what brought them together; their interest in the outdoors, nature and hiking. Except she wanted to glam it up a little.”
Well, the couple is lucky enough to get the frozen view of the river, however, falls are really gorgeous at any time of the year but  -3°C is just breathtaking, “We didn’t know when we planned the shoot, but a few days prior we found out through social media that the falls were frozen,” Kellie explained. “But what we didn’t expect was how awesome it looked in real life once we arrived.”
Photographer Kellie and couple feels little dangerous to shoot there but they did and result are really amazing,  “My son, Damon, and fiancé, David, we’re sure to check the stability of the ice before anyone got on, but when we arrived, there were dozens of people already out on it,” she told us.
“I did manage to fall on my butt one good time, and headbutt a tree during our hike back up to the top though.”

Here, have a look at the pictures here:

#It’s a magical surprise by nature too:

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