Five Quintessential Ruskin Bond Books

Ruskin Bond has been a part of countless childhood and adult lives alike. He has created immensely beautiful stories and characters that have stayed fresh and alive through the years. He is arguably one of the most influential writers from India, especially when it comes to the works he has done in children’s fiction novels.

Today we are going to wind back the clock and take a look at some of his unforgettable classic books that made our and everybody’s childhoods a whole lot better.

Five Ruskin Bond books that everyone should read 

1. The Room on the Roof: This invaluable Ruskin Bond classic is a semi-autobiographic piece of literature. It features Rusty, a 16-year-old boy, who was living in the foothills of the Himalayas at Dehradun, India, in a rented room on the roof of a house, much like as the real-life Ruskin Bond was at the time.

The novel is spilling with emotion and also ended up becoming one of the most famous books of Ruskin Bond.

2. Time Stops at Shamli:  An Amalgamation of 21 short stories all set in a small and uninteresting town of Shamli, where time itself seems to move in a slower fashion. Ruskin Bond’s characters come to life in this town and make this novel into one of his finest works. If you’re looking for your first Ruskin Bond book, this book holds a lot of range and variety.

3. A Flight Of Pigeons: The book, set in 1857, was published in 2003. It is considered semi-fiction because it was based on the revolt of 1857 but had fictionalised scenes and dialogues.

It is a moving tale that tells accounts that were witnessed by a little girl during that time.

4. Delhi Is Not Far: Ruskin Bond works his story-telling magic in the goodness of small cities. Here we are told the story of a few residents of ‘Pipalnagar’ who want to move to Delhi in search of a better life. These people have many dreams, like Deep the barber has dreams to cut the Prime Minister’s hair, Aziz wants to own a shop in Chandni Shop, and so on.

The book paints an interesting picture of small-town India and how ambition prospers and functions.

5. Rusty, The Boy From The Hills:  An escapist dream of a novel that you can always rely on and unwind to. This book is an absolute page-turner and will keep you engaged throughout.

Once again, The story circles around a boy named Rusty who is from the hills and lives a curious and lonely life. This book is an ode to the adventures that befall Rusty and his love for nature.

These Are Few of The Ruskin Bond books you shouldn’t miss if you are a fan!

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