Is It Worth Hiring A Real Estate Agency When Dealing With Property In Thailand?

Particularly if you are looking at buying a property in Thailand, it is always recommended that you hire a real estate agency before you go do so. The same even applies with renting; yes, you can navigate the real estate market on your own when looking for rentals with relative success, but a real estate agency will bring you so much more of an advantage. In this article, we’re going to look at why you should hire a real estate agency when dealing with property in Thailand, and what benefits it can bring. 

  1. The language barrier

One of the biggest issues that you will come across when trying to navigate the property market alone is the language barrier. Particularly if you are investing a lot of money into buying a property in Thailand, having a Thai national negotiate on your behalf is an essentiality. That way, you will be able to ensure that you are 100% clear on everything before you sign any documents and make your final commitment. 

  1. More variety 

Any decent real estate agency worth their salt will be very well connected in Thailand. This means that you can access a greater variety of property choices than if you were to try and go it alone. If you have something very specific in mind, let a real estate agency know and watch them work their magic. 

  1. Knowledge of the area 

A real estate agency will also have a vast knowledge and understanding of the area that you are interested in moving to. This can help you in a great number of ways, but the most important is being able to hook you up with all of the best service providers in the area (e.g., utility bills, internet, plumbing and handy-work, etc.). 

  1. The legalities 

There are certain restrictions that limit foreigners purchasing property in Thailand. That, coupled with the complicated legalities of the Thailand property and real estate market is why you must have all of the help that you can get. Some real estate agencies will be able to offer legal representation, whereas others will have close connections that they can hook you up with to guarantee that all dealings are above board and that your interests are protected. 

  1. Ongoing support

A real estate agency’s job goes beyond the signing of an agreement. Just because you have purchased your property and moved in, it doesn’t mean that you will be on your own. If in the event that you need any further advice or support, your real estate agent will be there to help in any way that they can. You’ll sleep easier knowing that you made the right choice by hiring a real estate agency when navigating the property market in Thailand! 

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