Things You Should Know About Your Managed IT Support Team

If you run a business, then, the chances are you will want to keep your business accounts and any other important data safe, but, in a world of digitalization that can be really tough. You’ve probably heard of ‘cloud-based services’ whereby your data is backed up externally and or additional important digital business processes are managed externally with a view of providing an added layer of security. If you already used cloud-based services that’s a great start but, what about the management of your ‘virtual domain?’

What is managed IT support?

Essentially, managed IT support services are ongoing IT advice and protection from an external team of professionals who you would pay to help guide you and protect your valuable data from any unwanted digital threats. The ability to hack is easier these days than ever before, anybody with the knowhow and an internet connection could, if they wanted to, delve into your data and take whatever they like which is why it is so important to make sure you have managed IT support experts looking after your best interests.

Managed IT support is a growing area of expertise and will continue to be so as technology gets more advanced, cyber-crime is a big deal, which is probably why roughly 50% of Businesses worldwide make use of the added protection they can obtain by using an outsourced agency. With that said, who do you choose to help you? The market is littered with companies left, right and centre so, in order to help you confirm your choice, here are some things you will want to know about the company you are putting your trust in;

How good are they?

When you initially begin working with an IT Services provider, you will have to sift through the weed from the flowers. They may well offer to talk to you or show you how well qualified they are in terms of accreditations and qualifications, and why not? It’s certainly one of the most important things that you should be asking of them anyhow, so, if they don’t offer, be sure to ask. What are their backgrounds, what are they qualified to deal with and, what services do they offer in relation to the qualifications that they hold? How they train their staff is also something that you should consider. A company that invests in their employees is sure to be a company that will provide a good level of customer service, even things like, how they welcome you on the phone or, in person when you may need help is really important.


You should also find out about how they will keep in contact with you and communicate, do they offer a multitude of contact options like, email, SMS, social media or will they take the time to actually call you to discuss anything that needs attention? The tech world is changing at a huge rate and as such it would be a great benefit to know a little bit of ‘insider information’, do they have any policies in place that means they will contact you to let you know of new security measures, or things that you need to look out for as technology becomes more complex? Communication is key here; you need to make sure you can form a solid relationship with your support team.

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