What Is The Difference Between A Skateboard And A Cruiser?

Considering a Skateboard or a Cruiser, each has a pair of wheels, two trucks, as well as a deck. Then the question is, what the actual difference between a skateboard and a cruiser is? There are several, and whether you’re a novice or a permanent skateboarder, it’s good to have a clear understanding of what makes these boards different.

The main differences between a skateboard and a cruiser skateboard are not just the shape and size – it’s a branch of different skates that are ideal for each board. There is no object which one you pick; it’s all fun.

If you are a novice searching for your initial Skateboard or Cruiser, knowing the unique elements of making a skateboard is essential. This way, you will know what to accept for your aspired vogue of riding a skateboard. Therefore, let’s look at the skateboard or cruiser type and acquire how to piece it into each one.

All about a standard skateboard

Standard skateboards are the most popular type you will see in skate parks, or meanwhile, you perceive people jumping with incredible jumps, flips, gaps, or stairs.

Anyone who has always been on the internet or out of the home has seemingly noticed these “popsicle-shaped” boards. These are probably some of the original shapes that reach to mind whenever someone states “skateboard.”

Nevertheless, these skateboards do not ever look like this. The shape of these skateboards emerged from the body of old school skateboards, which is entirely similar to cruiser skateboards

Due to the tricks, you can execute on skateboards, Popsicle shapes have developed from these old-school aspects, suitable for nearly all new and ancient procedures.


  • Skateboard Decks – The decks of standard Skateboards are typically 27 to 32 inches long and 7.5 to 9 inches wide in size. It’s accurate for endurance while imprudent sufficient to do flip tricks, slides, grinds, and other awkward combos when going fast! These decks are also well-formed with a punch on both the nose (front) and tail (back)-allowing you to perform manual lift rounds and pop ollie and nollie-based techniques.
  • Trucks – Trucks are usually 140 to 160 cm wide, depending on the width of the deck. These trucks are ideal for tail, rail, and tackle.
  • Wheels – Almost all types of Skateboard exerts urethane wheels. Popsicle skateboards are a solid urethane formula equipped with wheels that roll better on flat surfaces.
  • Bearings and hardware – Most skateboard classes use the corresponding bearings and hardware. The expansion of the hardware bolts (which hold the trucks on board) may vary slightly.

All about a standard cruiser

Cruisers are ordinarily the identical size as standard skateboards, but some options are more petite. And when we assume tiny, we mean small. You can do elementary techniques such as Ollie, Power Slide, Ride Transition, Ride Downhill, and much more on a cruiser.

Also, a cruiser is one of the most incredible types of skateboards for travel due to its more compact dimension and cruise-ready ingredients.


  • Cruiser Deck – Cruiser decks are generally produced using the standard Skateboard (Maple Wood). Nevertheless, some changes are done with bamboo or vinyl, which is light and great for traveling in the city.  Since they are implemented with a kicktail, you can use them while lifting the front wheels while traveling on footpaths with small cracks and street defects.
  • Trucks – Cruisers are usually decorated with trucks identical to ordinary skateboards, but it is inferior to disengage them for better turning and engraving.
  • Wheels – Cruisers are usually equipped with 50mm to 65mm wheels, the same size as conventional skateboards.  Therefore, the wheels of the cruiser skateboard are softer, more expansive, and gripper than the wheels of the road skateboard – which gives them a smoother, quieter, and more convenient ride overall.

In conclusion, Standard skateboards are for people who want to skate road impediments and skate in a skate park. Cruiser is an excellent idea for those who want a professionally erected cruiser skateboard right out of the box.

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