4 Alternatives to Cream Cheese for Cooking

What are some of the ingredients you use for baking and cooking almost regularly? You will be surprised that cream cheese rarely misses in the recipe list of most professional chefs. It is the reason most people panic once they run out of their cream cheese without knowing. If there is time you can fetch some more cream cheese however what other alternatives do you have to use in the event of time limitations? People have diverse solutions for this catastrophe and discussed below are just a few suggestions on the best healthy cream cheese substitute to use in place for cream cheese.

Neufchatel cheese 

This is the most ideal substitute to rely on once you realize that you no longer have cream cheese in your kitchen. The only difference between this option and regular cream cheese is the fat content in it which is relatively lower. You however should not have concerns or worries on the taste as the performance of this option is the same as cooking done with cream cheese. There are minor issues you may face for instance cracking as a result of insufficient fat however in the event of an emergency, it always poses a better option or substitute.

Nut cream cheese 

Vegans tend to be very specific about the products to be used in their cooking and baking. You can consider shopping for nut cream cheese from your local store especially if there are limited dairy free cream cheese options. Professionals in fact make their own nut cream cheese from blending cashews to make spread that they use for dipping and baking needs. The application of this nut cream cheese ranges from bread spread slathering to savory cold and warm dishes. 

Cottage cheese 

In its appearance, do not expect cottage cheese to resemble cream cheese but all you need is some extra attention to convert it into a cream cheese substitute to use for your cooking. Choose whole milk cheese onto which you will add fresh lemon to improve its flavor and then all you need to do is strain it until you achieve the thickness needed. Some mixtures might not become thick as you need and in that case use cheesecloth to help you attain the needed texture. Due to the less amount of fat in the mixture, you can best use it for dips and other light cooking applications.


You must first make peace with the fact that you will not achieve the same flavor when you use Tofu in place of cream cheese. On the silken tofu, add some salt and also lemon to create the tang that is needed for your cooking. The reason tofu forms a good substitute is in its ability to offer the structure and creaminess required for cooking and baking minus any addition of dairy milk or eggs. When blended, tofu can be a good ingredient for dips and other forms of cooking. It might therefore pay to get some extra tofu from the store just in case you ever run out of cream cheese to use.

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