4 Ways to Make Your Custom Flag Last Longer

Custom marketing flags are one of the best marketing tools for small, local businesses. These flags are always eye-catching as they have unique shapes such as teardrop, feather, shark fin, etc. They also come in various heights/widths. Users can even custom-print any design or artwork they want on these flags.

Plus, a modern-day custom flag will typically be made of synthetic materials. Synthetic materials like polyester or nylon are inherently durable. Hence, these flags can be easily used outdoors for long periods. However, some external threats or a lack of maintenance can damage the durability of these flags.

Increasing the Lifespan of Custom-Printed Marking Flags

Marketing campaigns can be money drains for business owners. Thankfully, building businesses and effective marketing campaigns on shoestring budgets are not impossible. Many business leaders save money by optimizing their marketing materials. They make their custom-printed marking flags last longer than expected.

Then, they reuse the flags multiple times across different marketing campaigns. Custom-printed marketing flags made of synthetic materials are inherently strong and durable. Users simply need to take some basic maintenance steps to elongate their lifespans. Here are four crucial steps flag owners must take –

  1. Regular Washing

Custom-printed marketing flags endure a lot of damage, especially when they’re placed outside for long periods. The key threats these flags face outdoors include – rain, air pollution, roadside debris, and sunlight exposure. If flag owners don’t address these threats, the dirt and debris may accumulate on their custom-printed flags.

Ultimately, the piles of dirt will make the marketing flags lose their shine.

That’s why giving these flags good washes every now and then is imperative. Custom-printed marketing flags made of synthetic fibers are machine washable. Washing them just once reinvigorates their aesthetic appeal. The colors and design elements on these flags will look much clearer and brighter after the wash.

  • Hand or machine wash the flags every time they’re placed outside for 48 or more hours.
  • Use light detergents to ensure your flag’s colors, design elements, etc., don’t fade.
  • Dry the flags before reusing them.

2. Get Rid of Stains

If your custom-printed marketing flags pick up hard-to-clean stains (e.g., bird droppings), use sharp objects to scrape the stains off. Pre-treat the stained regions of the flag with some laundry detergent. Put it in the washer and start reusing them.

3. Place Your Flags Strategically

Avoid placing your custom-printed marketing flags in locations that experience extensive sunlight or wind damage. When it’s storming, uninstall the flags to protect them from water damage. Bear in mind – synthetic flags are extremely durable. Years of sun or wind damage won’t destroy these flags.

However, if you constantly expose your flags to harmful external elements, their durability will suffer a bit. So, always place your custom-printed marketing flags in cool, dry locations.

4. Make the Design Elements Last Longer

Make the design elements on your custom-printed marketing flags by spraying them with aerosol fabric protectants. These protectants will safeguard your flags against UV light damage. Also, opt for flags designed with dye sublimation printing. This printing technique is more reliable than inkjet printing.

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