Death Note Season 2

Over the past 14 years since ‘Death Note’ finished declaration, fans have eagerly awaited a follow up to Light Yagami’s time as the well-known serial murderer Kira. Recently, the internet has been alight with news that an improvement is imminent. The authorization collected its first new content in many years in early 2020 with the beginning of ‘Death Note’: a Kira story, exported by February 2021’s ‘Death Note: short stories. It is a Japanese Manga series; succeeding in weekly Shonen jump from December 2003 to May 2006. The anime contains 108 chapters. 

Spoiler alert: 

The new spoiler of the anime collection suggested the addition of new characters in the story. In the first season, enlighten Light Yagami is the hero. He is a teen expert who is disappointed with his life despite huge success. One day, after school teen determines a black notebook known as ‘Death Note’ which is a principal book of command of Shinigami teaches the reader to murder any one whose name is written in the notebook. 

Live-Action and ‘Death Note’ Season 2  

The manga is not only reestablished as an anime series but also is produced as an anime. Surprisingly, the manga has had three Japanese live action movies published in both 2003and 2008 and a television drama in 2015. 

Will there be ‘Death Note’ Season 2?

We have been expecting the sequel to the original ‘Death Note’ anime for so long. There are many speculations that ‘Death Note’ season 2 is already on the way on Anicloud for streaming. Unluckily, there is no proper confirmation that a sequel to the real anime is happening. In February 2020, a separate ‘Death Note’: Special one shot written by Ohba and drawn by Obata was released.

When will ‘Death Note’ Season 2 Release?

A second season for the ‘Death Note’ anime is not established yet, so there is yet no publish date accessible.

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