Guide on washing a comforter

Every home owner loves to invest in quality beddings as this is where they spend most of their time at night. The hygiene of your beddings for instance your comforter matter especially if they are regularly exposed to stains accumulated from daily use. Cleaning your comforter a few times a year is enough but this can change depending on how frequent the bedding needs cleaning. There are a number of instructions to follow on how to wash a comforter and discussed here is a guide that you can follow to make the best from the cleaning session. 

Check manufacturer instructions first 

Start by checking the label on the comforter before you start washing, there are some beddings that should not be washed using washing machines. Consider looking for professional cleaners to clean your comforter if only dry cleaning is allowed. Once you have figured out the various ways to clean your comforter in the washing machines, adhere to all instructions given to avoid damaging the fabrics of your beddings. Down comforters are not only subject to dry cleaning but they can also be washed them unless the label instructions tell you otherwise. 

Spot treat stains

There are stubborn stains that can be spotted on the comforter before you immerse into cleaning machine. Start by filling the comforter filling away from the stained spot and then spot clean it. To spot clean a comforter stain, you should consider the cleaning products that are recommended by the manufacturer. This is also the time to check for any damages on the fabrics of the comforter and doing the necessary repairs. Bleach is only ideal when you are spot cleaning a white comforter but you should use the right amount and also avoid being too aggressive with the rubbing as it might damage the fabric further.

Wash in washing machine 

When immersing the comforter into the washer, there should be enough room for some space to be left once you are done. Avoid mixing it with other clothes during the cleaning process to give it as much room as you can for proper cleaning. Limited space might make your comforter crumpled which ultimately makes it hard for all parts to be cleaned. You should find out the right cleaning supplies to use for thorough cleaning and stain removal. Use the gentle or delicate cycle setting and use warm water to kill any microorganisms on the comforter while cold water helps protect colors and comforter fabrics from damage.

Dry comforter with tennis balls

Remove your comforter gently from the washer before you put it into a dryer. Use tennis balls to help the comforter effectively distribute the fillings in the comforter. Find out from the label the duration of time that you should leave the comforter in the dryer. You should remove the comforter from the dry after every 30 minutes just to make sure that the fillings are well distributed. You can consider air drying to get rid of the cleaning chemicals odor which might still be very strong when you remove your comforter from the dryer.

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