The Ultimate Etiquette Guide for Handing Out Christmas Party Invitations 

The countdown has begun. Everyone is looking forward to the decked halls, the jingle bells, and — if the stars are aligned — a kiss under the mistletoe. Whether you’re a believing Christian or a secular person who enjoys the festive season, it’s nice to spread and receive Christmas cheer. Companies that want to end the year on a merry note plan parties with drinks, gifts, games, and nibbles. HR doesn’t just want people to show up. They want them to want to show up. Now, how do you entice them? corporate christmas cards are a good idea.

While designing an invite and sending a broadcast email to all 382 employees is certainly convenient, it’s not exactly personal. Here’s a guide on how to hand out Christmas party invitations with finesse.

1 Include Each Recipient’s Name

Sending a generic invitation makes it look like the event is more important than the people attending it. If it is impossible to print individual names, slide the invitations into envelopes and ask each team leader to write their team members’ names on them. Receiving a blank envelope doesn’t have quite the same impact as receiving one with your name.

2 Provide Clear and Complete Information

There’s going to be a party! But where? The rooftop? Hall 3? The bullpen? Somewhere outside the office? And what is everyone supposed to wear? Suits and evening gowns or Santa and elf costumes? 

That’s the kind of confusion you want to avoid. Well-designed corporate christmas cards provide crystal-clear information regarding the venue, the timings, the dress code, and the contact information of the hosts. 

In your effort to be thorough, you must restrain yourself from overcrowding the card and making it look like an invoice or a grocery list. Understand that if the attendees have questions, they will call or mail you.

3 Choose a Professional Designer

Design is just as important as the wording to convey the tone and theme of the event. It might be tempting to play around with one of those design apps or just use one of their invitation templates. While that’s effortless, it’s not too difficult to distinguish between professionally customised invitations and free templates. 

Someone who understands the principles of design will incorporate your brand identity and the festive theme into every element of the invitation. No off-centred text, outdated clip art, or off-putting colour palettes that make Christmas look more like Halloween. They will also optimise the design to ensure the best quality for print and digital circulation. Don’t worry about exceeding the quarterly budget with customised invitations. They’re not as expensive as the CEO’s Mercedes.

4 Dispatch Them in Advance

Everyone loves parties, but no one likes showing up unprepared. For a formal event, drop the invitation at least a month in advance. Two weeks in advance is acceptable for an informal party. This way, your invitees can RSVP; assemble their outfits; structure their other engagements for the week or month; appoint sitters for their children, pets, and houses; and make travel arrangements.

Wrapping Up

Christmas parties bring people together in the true spirit of the season. There’s no better way to conclude the year than with joy and merriment. Send out the Christmas cards to kindle some excitement and get people buzzing. Following the proper etiquette will save you much work. Now have yourselves a merry little Christmas!

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