Types Of Grave Markers And Grave Monuments

In life, there are only two certainties, life and death. With the recent events prompted by Covid, many of us have experienced the loss of a loved one or someone we valued or at the very least knew. Death brings out the worst in people, but rather than seeing it as a sad event, the life of the person should be remembered, and what better way is there to remember the life and times, achievements, and the memory of a person other than building a monument dedicated to them? Grave monuments aren’t like traditional monuments, as they are more subtle and subdued. This falls perfectly in line with the nature of death, and these markers allow for a person to be immortalized even after they perish, always reminding all who pass their grave to remember the person and the life they lived!


These types of monuments are also known as headstones; they mark the grave of a person and usually feature –

– Their Name

– Birthdate 

– Death date

– One line quote most pertinent to their life

– An image (in some cases)

If your loved one has passed recently and you are looking for a headstone that would be fitting and relevant to the deceased soul, we would like you to know that there are a variety of options to choose from –


There is a wide assortment of markers from which to choose. Grave markers vary both in price and appearance and can be made specific to a person’s demand. The different types of headstones are –

–         Flat markers – Lie flat on the ground rather than adopting the usual standing position.

–         Bevel headstones – Usually up to 8 inches thick, they lie flat on the ground at the head of the grave and rise slightly above the grass.

–         Slant markers – Usually about 18 inches tall, they sit flat on the ground with the front slanted a bit towards the back, forming a wedge-like structure.

–         Monuments – Usually standing above the ground, they are tablet-like structures containing pertinent personal information.

–         Ledgers – Usually 8 inches thick, they lie flat on the ground and cover the grave. They may also be used as a headstone or a monument at the head of a grave.

What are they made of?

Gravestones vary in both size and cost. Therefore the quality and type of materials used in their composition also differ; gravestones are generally made of –

– Granite 

– Bronze

– Combination of both

The granite variant is versatile and offers a wide assortment of colors that can be chosen from black to pink.


The price of headstones is usually determined by weight, and this price also does not include any additional features such as engravings, custom features, etc.

Grave monuments are the perfect way to pay one’s respects to the dead. By creating a marker that lasts, you will effectively be creating a memorial for them, glancing upon which people will remember their life and times and their deeds.

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