Why Fin Feather Fur Freeze Dried Food Is Great For Camping

When you’re out on the trail all day, and you’re looking for a place to camp, your evening meal is one of those things to look forward to. As your energy dips and you need something to restore your spirits in the evening, a hearty meal is what’s called for, and with Fin Feather Fur freeze-dried food, you get exactly what you need. 

For those of you who don’t know, freeze-drying food involves removing as much as 95% of the water in it, so that it can be preserved for much longer. Compared to regular food dehydration – which removes just 80% of the water from the food – freeze-drying sucks pretty much all moisture away. 

All Nutrition Is Preserved

It’s important to get lots of nutrition from your food when you’re putting your body through lots of exercise each day while camping and Fin Feather Fur freeze-dried foods provide it. You see, the process involved in making it last that much longer is achieved without the need to remove any of these important nutrients. Whether talking about meat, fruit or vegetables, 100% of the nutrients are preserved during the freeze-drying process. 

No Need For Preservatives 

What’s one of the main worries when buying food of any kind? Preservatives. Present in around 70% of the food available in the states, there have been concerns raised about the health aspects of consuming them. Freeze-drying, however, preserves food without the need to add potentially harmful additives and preservatives, meaning that the food you get is amongst the purest around. 

It Can Keep for a Loooong Time 

Believe it or not, freeze-dried food has a long shelf life. Many of the manufacturers claim that theirs can last up to 30 years when kept in the right way. As well as having all of the hydration removed, this type of food is also sealed in air-tight packaging, meaning that nothing can get in and make the food start to degrade. 

Fin Feather Fur Freeze-Dried Food Is Affordable too! 

You only have to go on holiday and eat out every day to see how much food CAN cost, but freeze-dried food is in an altogether different ballpark. Just under $13 is what you’ll pay for an instant, easy-to-make meal that will keep you satisfied and warm throughout the evening. 

Further to that, these purpose-created meals are designed to give you all the body fuel you need, containing lots of protein and carbs in a package that’s light and easy to carry around. 

The Kind of Taste You’ll Look Forward to Every Day

It’s pretty obvious we’re not talking about fine dining here, but that’s not what you’re after when you’re out camping. After a long hike through the wilderness, you’re going to be tired and craving something that touches the sides when you eat it. 

Fin Feather Fur freeze-dried food not only satisfies but also prepares you for the following day, and believe us when we say, the aroma they leave in the air is simply delightful when you’re hungry. 

So, be sure to check them out before you next go camping.

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