3 Tech Companies and How They’re Helping Businesses Grow

Businesses have many ways to reach success and attract more customers. Some opt for classic solutions while others go on the hunt for success through new and innovative technology. Some of these tech solutions include software, cloud-based platforms, and big data integrations, among other innovations.

Some tech companies can focus on human resources or finances, and others may target healthcare or cosmetics. Whatever your business’ niche is, there is a tech solution just for you. Additionally, depending on your business needs, you may find that some tech companies are more directed towards your business than others. You don’t want to invest in a company that doesn’t meet the criteria for growing your business. Here are three tech companies that are helping businesses grow.

1. Bright Pattern

When looking for a cloud based call center solution, you should consider investing in Bright Pattern. Bright Pattern is a call center you can take with you wherever you go. If you own a business, you understand just how important customer service is for your success. With Bright Pattern, you can give your customer service agents a cloud solution that will provide them with comprehensive CRM integrations, analytics and metrics, and omnichannel routing so your workforce can always be one step ahead of the competition.

Bright Pattern’s contact center solution will help your business save on operational costs on support center hardware, phone systems, and rent. They offer advanced security for your data so your customers’ information can always remain safe from natural disasters and human errors. With their omnichannel platform, you agents can contact customers through voice calls, video chat, mobile app, chat, and other means of communication, making it the ultimate call center solution for any business.

2. MeisterTask

Businesses all over the world need effective project management software that can eliminate the repetitive task of updating spreadsheets, drowning in sticky notes, and participating in eternal update meetings. Businesses need to be able to create lists of tasks and update the status of each one so everyone can be on the same page. They also need to create schedules and calendars to have a better visual of each project’s milestone and progress. Additionally, businesses need to be able to generate reports that can be used for additional analytical purposes.

Businesses can improve their project management by using a software program such as MeisterTask. MeisterTask uses a powerful yet simple Kanban structure to facilitate the collaborative and smart management of projects with intuitive management tools and clean visual designs. Apart from its collaborative features, MeisterTask includes an agenda feature that allows you to pin tasks from any project and organize them. This innovative software program improves employee productivity and consequently your customer satisfaction.

3. Tripleseat


Another tech company that’s making strides to help businesses is Tripleseat. Tripleseat is an event management software that can help your restaurant, hotel, and venues increase their sales and streamline their booking processes. Their sales tools are specifically designed for the hospitality industry and can help you keep track of your contacts and events as well as increase your group leads. You can customize proposals and contract documents to fit your business as well as generate PCI-compliant payments.

Tripleseat can also help you apply eSignatures to documents and message your guests to provide them with live support teams. They also allow you to connect with millions of event planners from all over the country through their Global Lead Network. This network can help market your business for you with a curated list of venues and planners nationwide.

These tech companies will help your business flourish with clients and successfully gain the clients you’re looking for.

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