4 Reasons Why Using PDFs Can Make File Much Sharing Easier

The documents that people create daily contain information that keeps our society running. You would have to share them with other people for the sake of collaboration at some point. Unfortunately, communication tools and file-sharing devices have their limitations. These issues that arise when transmitting files have stumped countless people, affecting their productivity.

One of the most common ways to share documents is to attach them to emails or messages and click the send button. The software version differences might mess up your papers on your recipient’s end without some preventive measures. Worse, you might not be able to upload and attach them to your email successfully. Here’s an excellent tip on how you can share files more effectively.

Use PDF files when distributing documents!

A lot of people might not bother about the file format of their documents. That’s where they are mistaken. PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format, is one of the most valuable formats when sharing files. It is famous for its ability to keep document formatting in place even on different devices. What makes it great is that you can compress PDF documents to reduce file size.

Reason 1: You can compress your PDFs before sending them

Compressing your PDFs means reducing the size of your file. You might have some reservations regarding this method as you might worry about quality. Rest assured that together with the right tool to use, you can achieve lossless compression. You can find numerous online web services and software applications to accomplish this.

You can now attach your documents to emails and messages without encountering too many issues with a compressed PDF. There’s no need to frown at file size restrictions, which is one common problem with sharing because your file will be within the threshold. Moreover, there’s no risk of file corruption while uploading and downloading, and even the said processes are now more accessible!

Compress your PDF files with GogoPDF

If you are looking for a free tool but secure and efficient to use, GogoPDF’s Compress PDF is undoubtedly what you are looking for. This excellent tool allows you to compress your PDF files with much ease while simultaneously saving time and effort in doing so. Together with its friendly user interface, get your compressed PDFs in as fast as two minutes. Here’s how.

  1. Select the PDF file from your storage, and upload it to the PDF compressor.
  2. GogoPDF will process your file and proceed with the compression automatically.
  3. Wait for the tool to finish its job.
  4. Download your compressed PDF now.

Ease your worries and trust that GogoPDF’s Compress PDF will keep your files’ quality. Compressing your PDF files should be this manageable! All you have to do is go online, visit its website, and proceed with the PDF compression process. There’s absolutely no need for software installation, and you can even access the tool on any device!

Reason 2: You can secure your PDFs with a password

Another feature of PDFs is that you can encrypt them with passwords. Moreover, you can even control the possible actions other people can do to your PDF documents. These passwords come in two types: the user and master password. Depending on your security needs, it is your discretion to choose between the two. Here’s more about the PDF password types.

The user password primarily acts as the key to open your PDF document. It does no other thing than let you see the contents of the PDF. On the other hand, the master password, otherwise known as the permissions password, allows you to restrict printing, sharing, editing, and similar actions that those who have access to the file can do. 

There are many powerful tools on the web that you can use to secure your PDFs with a password. Remember to use a strong password, preferably a long alphanumeric mix, to reduce the risk of someone decrypting it. As long as no one knows the password other than your recipient, rest assured that no one can gain unauthorized access to your PDF.

Reason 3: PDFs preserve document formatting

As mentioned above, PDFs are famous for document formatting preservation. The truth is that PDFs essentially function as images of your files’ contents. They appear as though you have printed them already on paper. That’s why they would remain identical regardless of whichever device you use to open them.

Something really great about being able to retain formatting is the integrity of the information. If the contents are related to numbers, you can imagine how important it is to ensure that each piece of data is accurate. Such a case would reduce the risk of errors and misinformation, reducing the risk of losses. 

A preserved formatting can also remove the need for delays due to messed-up files. Imagine if there are no issues with what you sent to your recipient. The other person wouldn’t have to contact you about the problem. Moreover, they can immediately start comprehending the contents and provide quicker feedback.

Reason 4: PDF files are version-independent

Did you know that the differences between the software and software versions affect the formatting of your documents in other file formats? Yes, you’ve read that right. A simple example to prove this is when your word processor opens your Word file in compatibility mode. Such a case happens when your software is either outdated or more up-to-date relative to the file.

On the other hand, PDFs are version-independent. They would appear precisely the same regardless of how advanced your PDF reader utility is. Moreover, it doesn’t matter which reader you use too. Even if it’s your browser, Preview, Adobe Acrobat, or others, rest assured that your PDFs will open and show your work without any changes


Making documents and sharing them through various channels is a common occurrence in the professional world. If you’ve had problems with file sharing, perhaps using PDFs can solve them. Ensure document formatting preservation, protect confidentiality and privacy of information by easily sharing compressed PDFs. Visit GogoPDF now and use its powerful tools for your PDF needs.

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