Check Out This Quick Excel to PDF Conversion Using GogoPDF

Excel is the most commonly used type of document among businessmen and entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. It allows them to systematically visualize all the essential information and data using columns and rows. They use it to monitor their annual costs, gross and net income, and other statistical data needed for their business operations. Lastly, Excel offers graphs, illustrations, and other visual aids to prevent the reader from feeling overwhelmed. 

When using Excel, you can experience not just the good side of it but also its bad features. Sometimes, it will be hard for you to attach it to an email because of the large file size. There would also be instances wherein you would want to open it but it would take forever to load. These scenarios would force you to convert Excel to PDF using a stress-free platform named GogoPDF.

Excel to PDF conversion using GogoPDF

When searching for online tools to convert Excel to PDF, one of your primary considerations is the turnaround time. For sure you will not use websites that will take a few hours before they can provide you with your desired results. Since you probably have a hectic schedule, you would want to use the one with the quickest process. One of the most recommended online tools for you is GogoPDF. In less than a minute, you can already save the PDF document and submit it to your supervisor or colleagues. To give you an idea of how the tool works, below are the steps that it will require you to take to have a successful conversion experience.

Step 1. Upload the Excel file to the conversion tool

Use your device and search for then click the Excel to PDF tool found on the website. Simply upload the Excel file to the conversion tool by using the drag and drop option or by clicking the select file button. If you want to get the document on your cloud-based storage like Google Drive or Dropbox, you can do so by clicking the associated icon. 

Step 2. Wait for the converted file to appear

Proceed with the process which may take more than a minute if the Excel file contains a lot of spreadsheets. You don’t have to do anything but sit back, relax and wait for the converted file to appear on your screen. Make sure that you have a high-speed internet connection so that the process will be as smooth and fast as possible.

Step 3. Save the PDF file to your desired location

After the whole process, you can now save the PDF file to your desired location. It can be on your device if you wish to access it conveniently. But if you want to open and view it using a different gadget any time of the day and anywhere you are, then consider saving it on your Google Drive, or Dropbox account. You may also use the website to share the converted document by typing the email address of the recipient and adding a personalized message which may include your name. If you think someone you know of also needs its services, make sure to send its link to him. 

The features of GogoPDF that you must know!

  • Guarantees excellent quality

GogoPDF is an online tool offering a lot of advantages. Aside from its quick conversion process, it also guarantees every year that the results would meet your quality standards. It will not alter nor damage the information and data that you spent so much time creating. You will not be one of those people who had issues with converted PDF files because the online platform that you will use is reliable and accurate. No distorted images, graphs, and text would appear on your file. If you try to compare the converted version with the original one, you would realize that there is no significant difference. 

  • Safe from malware, viruses, and hackers

GgoPDF has an online file conversion that is safe from malware, viruses, and hackers. You will not experience any cyber-attacks when accessing the website because of its strong security system. It will not let anyone steal your personal, sensitive, and confidential information which they can use to tarnish your reputation subsequently affecting the loyalty of your customers. After downloading the converted PDF file within 60 minutes, the server will automatically and permanently delete it together with the original version. 

  • Accessible on all major browsers

GogoPDF is highly compatible with all major internet browsers available today. You can use it using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer among others to extract the content of your Excel file and turn it into PDF. Aside from that, it also functions smoothly regardless of the operating system that you are using. You will not encounter any compatibility issues if you open it using Linux, Mac, or Windows. You are wrong if you are thinking that it is only accessible using a laptop or computer. It understands that not everyone has the money to purchase those kinds of devices. Hence, it made sure that people can avail themselves of its services even if they are using a phone or tablet.

  • Performs through cloud technology

Since the website performs its services through cloud technology, you don’t have to install any application. It means that it will not use the remaining storage space of your device. As a result, it will not deteriorate its performance. Aside from that, you will not subject yourself to a long installation process which usually takes more than an hour especially if you don’t have a stable internet connection. Because everything will take place online, you only need a device, a reliable internet, and a trusted browser to perform the conversion process.

In a Nutshell

GogoPDF is the best tool to address your file conversion needs because of its safe, straightforward, and accurate process. Unlike other websites, it will not require you to pay any amount of money making it a budget-friendly website. Now is the time to discover all of its benefits for a more enjoyable and convenient digital life.

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