Tips One Can Use To Increase Instagram Followers?

Whether one has a business Instagram account or one is an Instagram influencer, all these things don’t matter if one doesn’t have instagram followers

As one might have guessed: that instagram followers are the most crucial part of growing one’s Instagram business or account. 

If one doesn’t have enough instagram followers, one cannot sell any of the products, or one can’t influence people and help the community and achieve one’s goals. 

One of the biggest milestones that occur in one’s way is to go from zero to a specific number of instagram followers. Getting the first few followers is always the hardest task. 

Although it isn’t impossible, one can make one’s family and friends follow one’s Instagram account. But this isn’t enough. Therefore here are a few tips one can use to increase one instagram followers and multiply them a lot. 

  • Don’t be shy to repost the posts of the other accounts:

Whichever niche one creates posts in, there are competitors. They aren’t enemies: therefore, whenever they post something that is good one can share it on one’s feed. 

It can help one spread awareness about one’s own Instagram account and gain instagram followers through this reposting. 

Although if one decides to repost the post, don’t forget to give credits to that particular account and tag it somewhere. 

  • Always use hashtags wherever possible:

Hashtags are unique to Instagram. Therefore one of the most effective ways to gain followers and targeted audience is to use the most relevant hashtags. 

Hashtags make the Instagram algorithm know which niche the post is created in, and it displays that post in the feed of people or in the explore tab. Therefore only use the hashtags that are trending and forget about the dead ones. 

  • Don’t forget to share the account link on other platforms:

Naturally, if one has an Instagram account where one makes posts in the particular niche, one will also have other social media accounts. 

Therefore one can keep the Instagram accounts link in the bio of other social media to gain followers

  • Make collaborations:

One of the best ways to gain followers is to do collaborations with others. Although people with huge followings make some money to make collaborations, it is worth it. 

  • One can even do giveaways:

Everyone loves gifts, therefore: if one wants to attract as many people as possible, one can use the giveaway scheme to attract people and convert them into instagram followers

One can fix some schedules for giveaways every month and give the top three or one followers a free product or service, which will attract more people. 

  • Have conversations with the current followers:

One of the best ways to marketing one account to gain more followers is that one’s own followers create awareness of one’s account. 

Therefore, for them to create awareness, one has to make them feel like they are wanted. One can have a conversation with them and discuss new ideas and other posts that they would like to see.


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